Microgreen Business: How to Start a successful Microgreen Business? – 2021

Hey there, Stop right there. I guess you are here to grow your Microgreen Business. Am I right? Well, you would be happy to know that this is the best place to master your microgreen business.

Although people think that growing microgreens is a bit hard, the beginning may be tough, with the right microgreen business plan you will be good to go. But once you get started, farming microgreens indoors is an amazing business and can bring you tons of money. This is an Outstanding market which is getting popular among people now and in upcoming years. It has become a whole new amazing category of healthy food for people.

Microgreen Business

And you know that the nutritional value of these microgreens is amazing.

To start a successful and highly profitable microgreen business that gives you amazing profits, each and every penny counts for you. So we will soon help you with a complete calculation guide for microgreens which will include the profit and selling margin stuff.

But do remember that Your selling price must be at least 100% markup (excluding tax and shipping), so be careful while choosing that.

Microgreens do not do well in the fridge, we mean that they should not be kept for a long time in the fridge and it is best to use it as soon as possible. Under normal circumstances and conditions, microgreens lose their nutrients very quickly. By that, we mean just a few hours! Horrifying right? Most of the chefs know the fact, so if you are looking forward to selling your fresh microgreens, the local market is the perfect start for your microgreen business.

Well if you need some great role model or some amazing motivational person who has achieved success in microgreens farming, you can check out Nate from the MicrogreensFarmer, who started his own microgreens farm in 2015 has achieved tremendous success and has replaced it with his regular 9-5 job. You need to open your own store, So you may need some catchy names for microgreen business

Custis Stone knows well about the industry and has amazing experience

Where and how to sell microgreens?

Well before starting a microgreen business, there are a few things that you need to study. You have to do this study for any business you start, so let’s just jump into it. First of all, you need to determine your customers and competitors. Well, we have a secret hack to get started with.

You should just go and order some microgreens as samples from your competitor’s top-grossing microgreens and study their microgreen’s quality and pricing when compared to yours. This will help you check whether you can win their customers or not.

Once you are completed with the analysis part, you can do the following tasks-

  • Local Restaurant – This is one of the easiest way and the best way to make your first sale and make sure that they are your long-term customers who trust you. Make sure you show your microgreens directly to the chef because only the chef knows the quality of your microgreens and not the manager. Make a list of all the restaurants in your area and reach them out one by one.

Make sure that you prepare some extra bags for the chef too, they will love it for sure. They won’t taste the microgreens right away, but when you provide them with some extra bags they will find it useful by checking its price and condition and the quality of nutrients too.

But make sure you don’t give out too many samples, it may cause a bit loss for your margins!

You can make it more amazing by attaching a simple sheet that contains all the details and contact info. This sheet may contain everything like your shop logo, a small introduction or description, pricing, available products, contact information, and photos too.

I suggest you follow a simple rule that I follow and other successful business owners follow. The rule is to under-promise and over-deliver, this is an amazing idealogy that will help in running your microgreen business for a longer period of time and make your relations with your clients way more easier and trustworthy.

You may find it hard when you don’t get the chance to meet the chef to sell them your stuff. So plan accordingly to their schedule and their free time and take out your time and meet them. Once you get your meeting fixed, these are some of the questions they will be asking you –

  1. How many microgreens can you provide me on a daily basis?
  2. What’s the pricing? Is the delivery fee-free or does it cost extra?
  3. Are they fresh-picked and organic?
  4. When can I expect them?

One of the sad things that might discourage you is that they already have a microgreens supplier. But don’t worry, you can ask the chef about his/her opinions on the supplier. Get as much information as possible from them. If you find more complaints from them, pitch the chef about the pros of your microgreens and how they are better than their existing supplier by solving their problems.

Larry and his wife have replaced their 9 to 5 work with microgreen business

Show some pictures of your microgreen farm so that they get an idea of what they will be receiving and how you do the process. This step can help you build a strong relationship with the chef.

If you have a hard time working with restaurants then there are alternatives that may help you –

  • Farmer’s market
  • Distributors in your are
  • Grocery store or supermarkets
  • Catering agencies
  • Online store which is popular in your area

Understanding Customer’s Needs

The golden rule of every business – Make sure that you satisfy your customers. This will build strong relationships with your customers.

Whenever you deliver a product to your customers, ask them for their opinions and feedbacks. This will help you to focus on what you need to improve to get better customer satisfaction.

Follow up with your regular customers after they have tried your well-grown microgreens. Make sure that you listen to each one of them and use their valuable opinions as testimonials.

Important tips for microgreen business

Microgreens are really amazing and fast-growing crops. They usually grow by 7-15 days of their harvest. We will provide you with a detailed guide on growing time for various microgreens soon.

But before starting the whole microgreen business, ask yourself a question. Is there enough demand for microgreens in your place or neighboring places?

There are many factors out there that will affect the profit of your microgreen business too. So before you get started have complete research done. We are happy to let you know that soon we will let you know about more than 90 types of microgreens in detail! sounds amazing right? We are excited too.

Yes, you can make money selling Microgreens. You can sell your Microgreens to local Restaurants and Chefs. You can also make money selling Microgreens online by selling them on website or connecting with local companies

Chefs pay for Microgreens according to the quality and nutrition of Microgreens. Chefs are Interested in Microgreens that are fresh and healthy and that taste amazing. Usually they pay between $7 and $15 per ounce.

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