How to Get Rid of Grease Ants? free [Guide]

The grease ants are also known as ‘thief ants’ because they steal foods from creating their nests in close to other ant colonies and from people’s houses. They are attracted to grease that is why they are called grease ants. they occur from late July through early fall. grease ants are found around the kitchen stoves, ovens, and near the storage places in the kitchen looking for food.

The size of the grease ants has ranged anywhere from 1/32 of an inch (0.5 mm) to 1/8 of an inch (3 mm) long. The color of these ants is a somewhat yellow or light brown color. They can easily enter in places like small opening, holes, and cracks, because of the tiny size.

They like eating food that is high in protein like soy, tofu, cheese, chicken, meat, peanut butter, and sweets.. the main distinguishing feature of this ant is Grease ant Queens are typically larger than the grease ants and also have huge’s also difficult to find their location of nest.grease ants are commonly present in the sink. These ants can also nest indoors in walls or cabinet crevices, baseboards, under countertops, and in other hidden areas.

so let’s find out how to get rid of these ants.

How to get rid of grease ants

  • Identification

To get rid of the grease ants first you should know which ant is normal and which is grease ant. so make sure you correctly identified the grease ant before their elimination.

  • Put away potential food sources

grease ants like the protein-rich clean up this sources in the kitchen and keep them in the place where ants cannot get access to them.

The master tip is to keep your kitchen and house cleaned on time to that you cannot get into this problems at all.

  • Seal cracks

These ants are tiny in size so small cracks and holes are a disadvantage for you. when you close and seal the small cracks holes and openings these ants have a little chance of entering the house. You can do it on your own or hire someone to do the task. The best is to do it yourself.

  • Put down bait traps

Using ants traps is the most effective way of getting rid of grease ants. Choose the correct and prescribed trap for the grease ants.

Indoor Control

  • Take an ants trap, for example, Terro or Drax insect snare and mix it with peanut butter spread or oil.
  • Add a single drop of grease or oil to 5-10 drops of bait on a wax paper.
  • Place the baited wax paper where ants have been seen.
  • If the ants are not attracted to the bait, add another drop or two of grease, or try another oil such as vegetable oil and peanut butter.
  • For security ensure that the baits are out of children’s reach. Follow the instructions on the pesticide packaging.

Outdoor Control

Initially find the nest of the grease ants before proceeding to spray on them. outdoor nests are difficult to locate. you cannot use baiting for outdoor control of the grease ants.

homemade solution

Homemade solution for grease ants is using boric acid it’s the most effective and working solution for this problem. you can get it from the nearest local pharmaceutical or store.

Boric acid has an effect on the stomachs of the ants. This is boric acid food is transported to the grease ants colonies by the worker ants as a normal food after this food reached to the ants they eat the boric-laced food and die.

take a 1-2 tablespoon of mint jelly and mix it with boric acid powder. Try this method it will give you working results.


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